Zoho Web 2.0 Online Office SuiteWow, great news for those of you who have embraced the modern world of online applications and document storage!

Zoho has interoperability with Microsoft Office via a downloadable plugin that allows Office users to save Word & Excel documents directly to their Zoho account. This functionality helps blur the line between remotely hosted and local applications.

“People are asking for this,” Vegesna said. “Currently they have to go to Zoho.com, login, and upload documents. We have them doing this an average of five times per day. This will let them go straight to Zoho without having to go to Zoho.com, upload, etc.”

Zoho is also opening its API’s so that online storage providers could tap into the Zoho engine and provide more seamless integration of storage options.

I’ve been using Zoho (and Google Docs & Spreadsheets) for most of 2006. There are definite differences between the offerings, but Zoho has made the most progress towards an integrated feature-rich office suite. By offering the ability to upload/download documents directly to your Zoho account – their product becomes even more useful and productive.

This new feature is compatible with Office 2000, 2003, and 2007 by the way.

Via: TechCrunch – The Real Office Live: Zoho Bridges Online And Offline Office App’s

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