Today is a blogging day using the Pocket SharpMT blogging client for Pocket PC. I’ve used the software before, but had not really pushed it’s limits yet.

So here today, I’m using it for a few posts – and to make good on my last post about not writing about more day to day items. Like what I do at the real job (it is daytime isn’t it?)

Pocket SharpMT

The main interface of SharpMT on the Pocket PC is the post creation interface that frankly is quite bare. Its out of necessity of course, there is very little space on a QVGA screen for all the fancy buttons and options normally shown on a WYSIWYG editor that most blogging clients have. All the basic post creation tools are here – bold, italic, links, etc…

The biggest thing that I had a problem with was getting the picture embedded. There as no obvious tool available to do this until I dug a bit deeper. Then I found the functionality to specify a file to upload – I just hope I set it up correctly. 😉

So that’s it for now, I’ll probably post a bit more on SharpMT as I use it more. This was mostly an experimental post to see what I can and can’t do with the tool. The one last test was adding the Technorati tag info at the bottom of the post.

UPDATE: I did have to manually tweak the tags below – it got all goofed up.  Kind of cool though.

Technorati tags: pocket+sharpmt

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