There is quite a thread of discussion of the upcoming Microsoft Windows Home Server accumulating over at Tailrank.  From the little information I’ve found on the device, it is designed to be a central repository at home for files and backups.

Mainly destined to be a media-file storage device, I wonder if this really makes as much sense as everyone thinks it does.  Without a simple (as in automatic – not even one click), offsite backup solution that would keep a copy of the consumer’s files in case the server drives failed.  Otherwise, the liability of file loss is simply being moved from the PC to another device.

As far as a local cache of extremely large video and audio files, it may be of use for people trying to go “all digital”.  It would also me of use to all the users that have any amount of family videos that they want to back up and keep online for viewing.

Personally, I’m not really sold on the idea of a home server – I don’t see the need.  Though I will admit that even as little as 8 months ago, I would have thought differently.

What are your thoughts?

Via: TailrankWindows Home Server will live in your closet, simplify your life

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