RIM’s BlackBerry supposedly offers a BlackBerry Connect for Windows Mobile software component.  What I need to figure out is where do you find this elusive software?  Do you get the software along with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a separate offering, free download, WalMart, at the bottom of my favorite cereal box – where?

The dissapointing thing for me on the BlackBerry front is that there are so few real sources of information and solutions on the Internet.  For Windows Mobile, there are thousands.  This is the difference between a closed system like BlackBerry, and an open environment like Windows Mobile.

I’m not going to debate the supiority of the BlackBerry push email system – that is obvious, but what I have trouble with is the lack of acceptance of customer choice.  The company I work for is planning on rolling out BlackBerry services, for a number of reasons.  But what I see is a true lack of choice for our users.  What do you tell a senior exec when they come back with a spiffy new Windows Mobile device and you tell them that they cannot use it with our new push email system?  With the rates charged for the support contracts, you would think they want to cover all the needs a corporate customer may need.
Come guys where is the customer choice?

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