Easton Ellsworth talks about how his passion and interest in reading sometimes keeps him from blogging and asks what is the biggest time-waster for everyone else.  I know what he means, I’ve got around 120 feeds that I follow daily, and would not be able to do that if it were not for RSS Readers!  It takes up a lot of time.
But even aside from reading, simply needing to do the work necessary for the day job takes up most of my time.  While I love blogging, it currently doesn’t pay the bills, and I’m making a little progress in ‘climbing the corporate ladder’, so I might as well stick it out awhile longer.

Hmm, other than that I guess I’d have to add that simply taking time to relax and spend some ‘down time’ is another thing that takes time away from blogging for me.  This is kind of frustrating in a way because I have a few ‘special project blogs’ that I’m trying to make progress on, and simply can’t find more time to get them to that magical point yet.

Anyway, I’m curious as well – what keeps you from, or interrupts you from blogging?

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