So some people may ask what I do… In short I’m something of a misfit in corporate IT departments in that I have never settled on one specialty in IT over another. I’ve worked on most technology platforms that have surfaced in the past 25 years to one degree or another, liking most & hating some few. Some have been in-depth, some I’ve barely scratched the surface on.

My current corporate title is “Sr. Client Technologies Analyst”, but thats a cover up for saying I look at everything and figure out how to integrate whats best for the company at a given time. Of course that time may be in the future and not now. I keep thinking it means “don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” as well.

Its interesting how after spending 15 short years in IT that I’ve not found a specific specialty niche, instead, the niche is still what it has always been for me – Information Technology as a whole. I won’t and can’t pretend to be a specialist in any one aspect from technical to managment, from financial to administrative, but that is what I am eventually responsible to understand. When a technology comes along, how will it fit into the company/corporate culture of the moment or future – its really a crystal ball experience.

Whatever comes along next, it’ll still inspire, thrill, frustrate, and reinforce my notion that IT crosses all business boundaries, social boundaries, both good and bad. In short – I’m one of those old-fashioned, original Geeks that is all about technology.

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