Yep, it’s been a full year since I launched this blog, finding WordPress, getting my domain set up and diving headlong into the blogosphere.  I’ve not been blogging just for a year – this effort was a culmination of three previous blogs.  I had previously used MSN Spaces, Blogger, and – all are still online.

When I found I could host my own WordPress software on a hosting service and customize my own site – that was the shit.  So here I am a year later, still working on finding the “line” if you will.  Sometimes I’m not sure if people want to hear what I have to say, but at the same time, I’m glad to have the platform available to vent on.  I had been planning on some kind of post about my first anniversary here, but I’ll just leave it as something simple.

Just glad to have peaked today to make sure it was the actual date!

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