This post at The Wireless Report talks about Detroit leading the nation in wireline telephone replacement with wireless.  It also points out that Minneapolis/St. Paul is at about the same wireless penetration rate for wireline replacement.

I’m not surprised, I’m one of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area residents that dropped wireline service about 5 years ago.  While it seemed a little ahead of its time back in 2001, many of my peers, and more importantly, parents, have followed suit.

Both my parents and mother-in-law have gone wireless as well, in addition to my sisters, cousins, friends, and many business associates.  Its rare to run across someone who has a home phone any longer.

Most people I know actually saved money by switching to a mobile phone plan in place of a landline phone.  With the wide selection of minute plans, included long distance, roaming and such, a $50 cell phone plane for a single user is much more cost effective than a $35 phone plan plus add-on services line long distance, voice mail, caller id, call waiting, etc…

Moreover, most of my family is on the same carrier (T-Mobile) so we all benefit from unlimited calling between each other.  Landline service can’t compare.

Are you still using a landline?  Why?

Via The Wireless Report – Want to ditch the landline and go all-wireless? Move to Detroit

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