So here comes wave two of the patent suite against RIM.  ZD Net is reporting about Visto suing RIM over their BlackBerry mobile email system.  This is the same company that is engaged in a lawsuit against Microsoft – and the same one who did a cross-license agreement with NTP (who just settled with RIM themselves) on several of their patents.

Trying to paint RIM as some evil patent-stealing empire, Visto’s CEO Brian Bogosian says:

“Under the law, which protects consumers from products that contain infringing technology, RIM should not be able to sell the BlackBerry system.”

More crybabies who can’t compete fairly.  I’m just curious where Visto’s and NTP’s lawsuites were when RIM was starting the mobile email productivity revolution 5+ years ago?  Wouldn’t it have been prudent (for them) to stop the company then?  I’m really getting tired of this kind of behavior that impacts progress and innovation.

Anyone who thinks mobile email is a breakthrough technology must have been born yesterday.  My advice to Visto/NTP – develop a real, competitive, creative business plan and produce some real products that truly are breakthroughs in the mobile space.

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