Wow, more mobile goodness! It usually happens in waves like this where several products will be announced or released within a few days of each other, and I of course figure it out days later. 🙂

Anyway, Sprint is getting in on the action this time with their (updated) version of the Palm Treo 700 line. The 700wx has more memory, 64MB RAM instead of Verizon’s 700w’s 32MB RAM. This should help make the Windows Mobile based Treo perform a bit better.

When the 700w was released, I was surprised that the unit came with 32MB, seems Palm was too accustomed to the Palm OS memory requirements.

Note to mobile OEMs: you can never have enough RAM. 🙂

Link to the::unwired – CONFIRMED: Palm Treo 700wx coming to Sprint

UPDATE: CrunchGear has a scan of Sprint’s brochure!

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