Ok, so the more I think about how best to leverage my meager personal computing budget for 2007, the more ideas I have. While having ideas and options is not a bad thing – I’m starting to wonder if my trusty Pocket PC is worth the price any longer.

More and more, I’m thinking about a UMPC – one with WiFi, Bluetooth and a decent performance level. All I need to do is have a real computer with me at all times, be able to play media (not create it), Internet access for writing & blogging, email and such. That’s it.

With that in mind, I’m starting to think that I don’t need as robust a phone as I have today. I’ve got several (dozen – shh…) software packages for my Pocket PC, but I find that I only use a few – and then only lightly.

I know I could move to a Smartphone like the T-Mobile Dash or Moto Q, but can I go lower than that? Can I go back to a plain old phone? One that has 3G data services for sure, but a simple phone none the less?

The reality is that I’ll never really make use of that awesome looking 17″ Quad Core killer 10lb. laptop that I would otherwise be dreaming about. A simple laptop or UMPC is more my style today – it would do everything that I need it to do.

I’m just curious what others are planning now that Vista is on its way to store shelves – what changes are in store for your mobile kit?

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