MobHappy is reporting that 9% of US Citizens have gone to using mobile phones exclusively for their voice needs.  This ties into a post I made yesterday on how Voice service is moving to a ‘free’ model – though I think that it needs further discussion.

Its interesting to see the number of people going mobile-only grow.  My wife and I cut the cord almost 5 years ago, we went from spending over $125 on our landline (mostly long distance charges) to $70 for our family plan at the time – a huge cut that also introduced a flat billing fee instead of fluctuating from $100 to $150 depending on usage.

That is one of the real benefits of cutting the cord, you can pick the rate plan that has enough minutes for everyone without going over.  You get long distance and roaming included, and you can count on paying the same amount every month – it never changes.  Yeah, there are those who think that if they don’t use all their minutes that they’re ‘wasting’ money, I say, get a grip!  You’ll save more by managing a set dollar amount every month, have your phone with you when you want it and need it, and – best of all – you can turn the damn thing off when you want!

Overall I think this is a good trend – traditional landlines are simply obsolete and over priced for what you get, in the end a rather poor value.

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