So I suppose this article over at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will add more fuel to those people trying to keep everyone from using electronics on airplanes.

Not a very interesting article, though it will be interesting to see if there is anyting of substance to this study.  I’ll not claim that it isn’t possible, but sometimes I think we over analyze things a bit too much.  I guess what frustrates me is that several studies in the past 18 mos. or so have indicated that there isn’t much of a problem, that airlines have worked towards “shielding” sensitive equipment, etc…  Though with the current financial state of many airlines today, that is a bit hard to believe.

Its kind of like butter – first its bad, then its good, then we’re not sure – or chocolate, same thing.  Guess it’ll be one of those confounding mysteries, or urban legends – better call the MythBusters.

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