Well I’ve upgraded hosting on my Snowmoblog site.  I’m going to work on keeping some new content going there over the winter.

I’m a snowmobile nut, so I guess it was a matter of time to start a snowmobile blog, actually I started it last spring!  The reality of it all is that there is always a lack of news and such over the summer, so the site sat unattended for a few summer months.

Now that cooler weather is invading the northland (I’m in Minnesota), its time to dust off Snowmoblog and get things in gear.  That started Friday with an upgrade to full hosting instead of “freebie” status, and getting the RSS feeds working right away.

Keep tuned in if you’re a snowmobiler – I’m going to focus on having fun, the glossy mags can keep up on the racing stuff and “rode reports” as it were.  Snowmoblog will be updated with real-world experiences – frozen lakes, getting lost in the woods, favorite watering holes – you know how it is!

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