Google Reader RSS Feed Reader Aggregator Congratulations to James Kendrick who has moved over to Google Reader from Onfolio.  GR is really one of the best-done online feed readers (the best IMHO), with simple easy to remember/use keyboard shortcuts, lightweight AJAX interface that is quick to render, and the ability to mark items for future reference.

Another feature that I’ve been using for a few months is the Shared Items feature that allows you to mark posts/articles that should be shared for someone reading your Shared Items to view.  Nifty little thing that you can link to from your blog so people can read the same sources that you do!

After reading how well GR works on a Tablet or UMPC, I really need to check one out.  Definitely on my “short list” of to do’s!

Via: jkOnTheRunUsing Google Reader and impressed

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