Paul Thurrott has posted a review of Windows Live OneCare on his SuperSite about a week ago (I know, I’m slow).  Looks to be a good review of the product, as Paul gives some background information on the product and how it came to its current form.

Along with some shameless self-promotional plugs, Paul covers the product in detail, along with some good screen shots of OneCare in action.  Performance, usability, and feature set are covered in this review.

Windows Live OneCare is a $50/yr. service provided by Microsoft.  The OneCare product includes a managed firewall, antivirus, anti-malware, and performance tuner in one easy to use package.  The annual service cost of $50 includes the license to run OneCare on up to 3 computers, so it ends up being a great deal.  Compare this product to Symantec and McAfee’s products – it’ll run rings around them (my opinion).

I’ve been using this product for about 9 months, since some of the early betas, and have been continually impressed with the security it provides, and the performance compared with competitor’s products.

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