Ever had to write documentation for projects at work?  The process can be tedious and fun at the same time.  At least it is for me most of the time as the creative process lets you explore the best way to communicate a topic.

At the same time, its only as interesting as a person makes it, and the longer it takes the more boring it can become.  That’s were I’m at getting the final tweaks finished on my latest document on mobile device configuration for one of our shipping departments.

The nifty parts of technical writing can be finally getting some standardization into the documents.  You would be surprised at the differing levels of sophistication in the use of Microsoft Word!  Some people still try to use spaces and tabs to fill empty space in their documents and forms!  Ugh!

There are so many great features in Word that allow for the formatting that a person wants if they simply use the search feature in Help.  Seriously, the help files have all the steps on using these features, and few people actually look it up.  Instead they just hack it together and give up when it doesn’t work like they want it to.

So I’ve cleaned up several documents and forms for our Project Methodology, getting some standard formatting and features like file paths & versioning set up properly.  Oh, well.  On to more documentation!

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