Well, I’ve waited quite awhile to see a day like today.  You couldn’t get away from it!  Certainly, Cingular & Verizon have had days like this, but T-Mobile has always been treated like an also-ran when it comes to phones and service in the media.

But today was different – literally, everyone had coverage of the newly announced T-Mobile Dash Smartphone.  And well they should – the Dash is everything the Moto Q was supposed to be.  Affordable, usable, fast, compelling features, etc.

HTC, the company that makes the actual hardware, has a long history of building quality handsets running Windows Mobile Smartphone.  The Dash is the latest variant of their capabilities.

So check out some of the following links for more information – pretty much everybody covered the news of the launch of the T-Mobile Dash today.  One more thing to note – T-Mobile USA is the first division of T-Mobile International to get this phone.  Usually one of the European arms in the UK or Germany gets the new phones first!  Kind of interesting on that alone.

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