Ugh, more layout/rendering issues.  I’ve had this happen before where the darn sidebar all of a sudden starts rendering after the end of the main page.  Not sure what caused this all, but last time it had to do with the code from StatCounter being in the wrong PHP template file.  This behavior started around 8pm CT tonight, and I had not made a change to the site, so I’m a little confused at the moment as to what is causing the problem.

Anyway, I’ll be working to figure out what the issue is and make it right.  Sorry for any inconvienence!  The sidebar content is here, just scroll down to find it.

UPDATE: Nothing so far, I’ve reviewed all the theme files, and believe it may be related to something else because it happens with the “kubrik” theme as well, which has not been modified on my installation.  Well, I’ll keep working at it – strange though, because I did not change anything.

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