Ugh… There has been a bit of discussion on blog design lately, and I’ll admit that its not easy. I’ve been working on getting two new blogs ready for launch and the layout, design scheme, etc… is the hardest part.

Yes I will eventually hire a professional to give them an overhaul sometime in the future, but the sites will have to pay for that themselves, right now I need to create a compelling design on my own. Now keep in mind that I’m at heart a computer geek – a Windows computer geek – and you get the idea of how easy a time I’m having. 🙂

So in addition to learning a little about Linux, some about MySQL, a bit more on PHP, and quite a bit on WordPress. I now need to really get to understand color combinations, graphic elements and the like. Of course the technical aspects of all this makes complete sense, but the technical part is only one of many aspects of blog (and web) design.

For this site, I’ve stuck with a freeware template that I found out on the ‘net, and I’m fairly happy with it. I’ll update the design on this site sometime in the near future, and it’ll probably be my main experimental site for design experimentation and learning.

I must say thank-you to Chris Pearson for a recent post on the topic of web design pricing – it was a real eye opener. I understand completely because every job has its complexities, and that is why we hire professionals – so things come out looking right!

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