Watch for falling blog posts!

I’m trying out a different theme (again) and am having some issues with the sidebar.  The them is MistyLook by Sadish Bala.  Its a great WordPress 2.1 compatible theme that answers a lot of what I’ve been looking for.

But beware, I’ve disabled a number of plugins that I use regularly here to try an d find the issue with the sidebar dropping to the bottom of the posts.  I’ll get it eventually – there are some great threads on the theme’s site – so we’ll figure it out!

Any comments on the updated theme?  The Water 3 theme by the undersigned I was using previously was very crisp, but was not as clean and though-out as I had hoped when I first saw it.  The text was too small, and some components like list bullets didn’t line up properly.  I just want a simple, clean theme with lots of white space that doesn’t get cluttered up easily.

Another note, I’m going to trim out a lot of the plugins that I think have been slowing down the site.  Including advertising.  I’m going to pick one, maybe two subtle ads and the rest go bye-bye.  Your feedback is always welcome!

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