Looks like Cingular will be getting three more Windows Mobile devices this year.  The Boy Genius has the post over at Engadget Mobile on the trio of devices: HTC Hermes, HTC StarTrek, and HP iPaq hw6920.

While I’ve posted about the hw6900 series before, the Hermes and StarTrek devices are going to be more interesting.  With HSDPA on the Hermes for 400-700kbs data rates, it’ll be quite speedy.  The wonderful design of the StarTrek flip phone will appeal to the average and high-end cell phone user.

Can’t wait to see more of these devices spread to other carriers as well – or in the case of the HTC devices, simply look around for the iMate and HTC versions that can work with any GSM carrier.  Damn, I love technology. 🙂

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