Sorry to not have posted for so long, but I’ve been extremely busy getting things arranged for me to leave my current employer. Surprising how much hard work is involved in preparing your own transition out of a company. So its not a big surprise any longer, I’m in the transition phase working to hand off a number of technologies, systems ownership, and knowledge as smoothly as possible.

I’ve been fortunate to work with a group of real pros, and so, transferring responsibility and such has been fairly simple in many cases. There is still much to do, and it is taking more of my day than before I contemplated leaving the company – strange irony to it I suppose.

Anyway, I’ll be trying to catch up on some topics and address the launch of my consulting web site all this week. Hopefully I’ll have something to post about here as I get the work done. Again, sorry for the intermittent posting this month!


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