Ugh, its been a week and there is still a day to go. Hope I can make it. Well we’re actually investigating a mobile email system at work. What with RIM’s troubles and the fact that its much easier to work with Microsoft Exchange for what we will want to do makes the decision easy.

It’ll be pretty cool if we implement – our users will be able to choose their favorite carrier and we’ll be able to provide much more than just access to email and calendar items. Well, I’m installing the VS05 Standard Edition that I got at the launch event yesterday. Should be fun.

I also see that some pissy little company is trying to sue Microsoft on the basis that they have infringed on “push-mail” patents the company holds – they’ve also teamed with NTP who is currently suing RIM for the same thing. Real original. Get a grip, why can’t we get through a year without someone trying to litigate for profit? Here’s an idea – try to win on your own merits, like making sure your product is THE solution – simple, inexpensive, and EASY to use for the average person? Of course, Microsoft’s solution is not as easy as RIM’s, so who knows where it will all end up.

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