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Sometimes it’s hard to determine where a consultant will come in on price, or how much a given activity will cost.  I want to try and solve that problem by giving you a detailed list of services provided and the cost associated with those services.  Below are a number of packages that cover some of the most common tasks required to get a business started using social media.

Whether you want to connect and engage with customers, find new and creative ways to listen to employees, or drive more traffic through your door, there are a combination of solutions I can help you with.


Determination – Small Business

You already know your small business well, but all the buzz about social media is raising questions.  Is social media right for your small business?  Can you increase traffic to your website? Would everyone that works with you be on board? What tools or services are the right ones?  With this package, I’ll help you figure out what aspects of social media really are a good fit for your business and potentially what directions you can explore.

  • Preliminary review of your current online properties
  • Initial review of site and search ranking, and current level of engagement
  • In-person, on-site interview with leadership and/or responsible team to gauge perspective and expectations (4 people max)
  • Identify possible goals for business
  • Report findings in written and electronic format
  • In-person, on-site review of report and Q&A with team

Package Price: $ 1,999
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Initial Plan – Small Business

With this package, I assume that you’ve already been using social media to engage your customers.  The purpose in this package of services is to build on the work you’ve already done, and continue to create an actionable plan for you, your team, or employees to take forward and use every day.

  • Review of current online properties
  • Review of site and search ranking, and current level of engagement and sentiment
  • In-Person, on-site interviews with all management & staff involved with social media for your company
  • Identify social media goals and direction for your business
  • Deliver recommendations in written and electronic format
  • Develop & deliver a plan and documentation for two (2) social media services, tools, or platforms (Additional Plans can be added for $999 each)
  • Train staff responsible for the plans and tools documented above (Additional training for plans can be added for $499 each)

Package Price: $5,499
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Community Development

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Single Implementation Plan (DIY)

This package is perfect if you already know what you need, but are not sure how to move forward and fully leverage the engagement you’re looking for.

  • Review of a specified, by you, social media tool, service, or platform
  • Review of ranking, reach, and sentiment
  • In-person, on-site interviews with you and your staff
  • Identify and deliver documented goals of engagement
  • Train staff on the implementation plan

Package Price: $1,499
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Implementation Plan (Outsourced)

With this package, I help with the implementation portion of a social media plan or strategy like the one listed above.  This can include ongoing maintenance and engagement services depending on your needs, schedule, and budget.The goal with an implementation plan is to begin engaging with our customers. We start with creating the accounts and building the profiles on our pre-selected tools, services or platforms. This includes incorporating your branding and bringing personality of your business to your social presence.Next we begin the outreach and interaction with customers or clients, further developing the online personality and tone of your social business.

Finally, I’m there to mentor your staff as little or as much as they need during the transition period where everyone is learning these new tools.

  • Create accounts and profiles using the selected tool, service, or platform
  • Customize selected tool, service or platform with your branding and personality
  • Begin the outreach, and interaction with customers or clients, and develop the online personality and tone for your business
  • Mentor and coach staff through a transition period to learn the tool, service, or platform and the tone for engagement

Package Price: $1,999

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Social Media Policy & Guideline – Medium to Large Organizations

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Strategy & Plan – Medium to Large Organization

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Ala-Cart Services

Below is a list of basic service packages that I can be contracted for.  These packages are meant to allow you folks at larger organizations to plug hours into your estimates based on the task/skill you need.  This should allow you to scale the estimate for hours or days as needed for your particular project.

  • 10hrs Social Media Strategy Development – $2,000
  • 20hrs Project Management – $3,000
  • 10hrs Social Media Training, Coaching, or Mentoring – $2,000
  • 20hrs Community Developement – $3,000
  • 20hrs Community Management – $2,500
  • Long-term or customized project planning – please contact me directly.

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