Ever run across a phrase or two that you’ve heard that sums up things really well?  Short, simple, clear points that makes what you’re trying to say much easier to understand are always worth repeating.  So with that, here are a couple that I try to share with clients as they start exploring social media and online communities.

“Don’t Be Stupid”

Credit for this phrase goes to Gary Koelling, co-founder of Best Buy’s BlueShirtNation.  If you’ve met Gary, or have the chance, you’ll know that he cuts through the gobbledygook corporate speak phraseology quickly.  Once everyone has their say, and the external communications policies are written, and the training is complete – the simple, boiled down essence is: Don’t Be Stupid.

“Don’t Shame the Name”

Credit for this one goes to Brian Rogers, a colleague at Accenture.  In relating stories of family and youth, we covered lots of ground.  When he mentioned that one, it stuck with me.  It’s simply another perspective on being responsible.  It keeps a person thinking about positive actions, respect, and of pride.

So, keep these simple phrases in mind, share ‘em with friends, coworkers, and people who ask for advice about interacting online.  Social media is a powerful medium, and you can’t go wrong by keeping it simple in whatever you do, either for yourself or for your company.

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