WordPress Well I just upgrade my WordPress install to version 2.5.  Everything seems to be working as intended, so I’m not too worried about it.  After several upgrades, I’ve figured out the best method for me.

  1. Back up the database, and the WP-specific folders
  2. Inventory my plugins and verify that they are compatible with the new version
  3. Disable all those plugins prior to the upgrade
  4. Make sure that the theme is compatible with the new version
  5. Upgrade WordPress
  6. Enable the plugins one at a time, checking their main function to verify that there aren’t any issues
  7. Finally, test the site in all major browsers, which for me means FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera

It’s gone quite well and I think I’ll test one more thing by publishing this post.  That tests the compatibility with Windows Live Writer, my main (and favorite) blogging editor.

Have you upgraded WordPress yet?  If so, any issues? Good luck if you’re just getting around to it! 🙂

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