Ok, there are several great new phones slated for 2007 from Samsung, HTC and others.  But here are some of the features that I’ll be looking for in my next handset.

  1. Windows Mobile 6 (Crossbow) – Pocket PC
  2. VGA Screen
  3. Multi-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA on T-Mobile
  4. 400MHz processor (or faster)
  5. Bluetooth 2.0
  6. 802.11b/g
  7. Slid-out QWERTY Keyboard
  8. Scroll wheel
  9. D-Pad
  10. 256MB ROM
  11. 96MB RAM
  12. 3MP Rear-facing Camera
  13. VGA Front-facing camera
  14. MicroSD or MiniSD Slot
  15. GPS
  16. Tethering ability as GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA modem
  17. 2-Day battery life to fit my usage (to beat my existing T-Mobile MDA’s 24 hour limit)

I reserve the right to revise this list as I change my mind of course!smile_wink There are always great new things coming down the pipe that we don’t know about.

What about you, what features will you be looking for as you replace your phone in 2007 (if you are planning it)?  Will it be a Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, or Blackberry device?  Will you go back to a dumb phone and carry a UMPC?  Or will you be moving from a dumb phone to a smart phone this year?

Let me know in the comments!

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