jkOnThe Run ...using mobile devices since they weighed 30lbs. Kevin C. Tofel over at jkOnTheRun poses a very interesting question: Would you give up integrated WiFi for WWAN?  Some UMPC devices only have one mini-PCI slot, and could accommodate either a WLAN or WWAN module.  Or its possible that one may want on or the other, to keep weight in the computer down, and eliminate one power drain – WiFi is terribly power-hungry.

With 3G services like EVDO and/or HSDPA, you have a nearly equivalent Internet connection speed as a WiFi connection (remember its the cable/DSL connection speed that may limit your Internet at a Hotspot).  The only downside would be associated computers at your office or residence, but if you are talking only about a Ultra Mobile PC – it may be an Internet-only device anyway.


Via: jkOnTheRun – Would you give up integrated WiFi for WWAN?

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