ClipMarks I’ve been adding a lot of “stuff” to the blog lately, lots of widgets and such that seemed like they added value. I’ve made use of a lot of services like digg, NewsVine, ClipMarks, and, but I’m not sure if they add value to the reader or just more visual clutter.

So I’m going to post a few polls to see if there is any value to some of the things that I’ve added – starting with the ClipMarks scriptlet shown on the right sidebar. It lists the latest “clips” that I’ve added to my Clip Marks account.

One of the bad things of so many services like ClipMarks (and digg,, News Vine, etc…) is that you can only clip or tag so many articles to each service in a given week. I’ve found that, personally, I make much more use of the service than any of the others – mostly because it works as a good bookmark service for my own future reference.

ClipMarks is unique in that it allows you to actually select snipits of a web site and have them be added to your account. The service allows you to make them public similar to NewsVine and digg, but the neat part is actually recording things you find for your own reference. Neat stuff – but I don’t use it as much as I had hoped.

So, should the ClipMarks sidebar list stay or go?


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