Android There are dozens hundreds user-interface or aesthetic reasons that I could list off about the T-Mobile G1 which runs Google’s Android. However, it’s the functionality that has really sealed the deal for me.

The form factor and the ability to quickly add such a wide variety of applications to the device really makes it more useful to me then previous smartphones I’ve used.  The variety of applications and new ideas is exciting and fun to watch develop. It’s no secret that mobile app marketing is very successful, below I’ve listed a number of applications that I’ve loaded and find really useful.

Cool Apps to Check Out

  • fBook – A Facebook client app, similar to the iPhone app. Makes quick work of keeping up on Facebook.
  • Locale- Basically a profile customization utility.  It can change profile settings based on location, time, system events, contacts, messages, calls, etc… Really useful
  • Maverick – An IM client that allows you to connect to more Google Talk accounts than the one tied to the phone account.
  • Meebo – A Meebo client that allows you to log into not only your Meebo account, but also into any other IM service that Meebo supports.  The nice part of this is that the Meebo client uses the data connection for send/receive rather than the text-messages that the built-in IM client does for Yahoo, Live, or AIM.
  • PF Voicemail + – Enhanced voicemail, similar to visual voicemail on the iPhone. Allows you to review your voicemails by caller so you can choose which one to listen too first.
  • Phonalyzr – Nifty little utility that will graph your call usage by date, time, length, incoming, outgoing, and other criteria.
  • ShopSavvy  – Cool tool  for use while shopping.  It uses the camera to scan a UPC code and then look up that product online.  It has the ability to generate wish lists, and alerts for favorable pricing.
  • Mileage – Allows you to keep track of mileage and costs for multiple vehicles.
  • Twidroid – Currently the best Twitter client for Android. That statement, of course, is entirely subjective.  I like it and that’s all that matters right now. 😉
  • WeatherBug – Great Android version of the desktop app. Well designed for the screen size with a smaller memory footprint than The Weather Channel app – which is also a top-notch weather client.
  • TextEasy – Allows you to send an SMS text message to more than one recipient.
  • Toggle Settings – The app to have! This great tool allows you to quickly and easily manipulate various settings and radios on the G1. Very important since we know how power-hungry the current G1 software stack is.
  • wpToGo – Have a WordPress blog? Either on or self-hosted, this tool is a simple but effective blogging client for Android.
  • Opera – Opera Mini 4.2 for Android. ‘Nuff said.
  • AnyCut – Allows you to create a shortcut on the desktop for nearly anything in the system.

Other Good Apps

  • Task Switcher  – While you can’t close processes with it (or others that don’t have root access) it’s still nice to see what apps you may have left running.
  • Voice Recorder – Quick voice notes. This functionality should have been built into Android.
  • Video Player – Watch videos from your SD card.
  • Solitaire – When you need to pass a few minutes.
  • Pictoral – Ties into Picasa.
  • PAC-MAN – Is there anything to say?
  • Orienteer – Makes use of the digital compass in the G1.
  • Fitness – Uses the accelerometer in the G1 as a pedometer. Kinda works, and the developer is getting closer and closer with each release.  Neat to see new app ideas like this.
  • HotSpot Locator – Locate T-Mobile WiFi hotspots close to your location, either by GPS or by Wireless.
  • inetwork test – Get a quick result on the 3G or EDGE network performance in your current location.
  • Convert That – Conversion tool for nearly anything you can think of.
  • Bubble – Mostly a demonstration app, it’s a level that uses the accelerometer in the G1.
  • aTweeter – Another Twitter tool. A bit lighter weight than Twidroid, but improving quickly.

Of course, I don’t have all these installed right now (though almost!).  I’ve been testing and experimenting with these apps and many more.  The available application options have grown significantly over the past month. A great indication of a healthy & robust development ecosystem.

If you’re thinking about an Android device – don’t hesitate.  Sure, the G1 may not be the one for you, but watch the next one or two devices that come along on your network.  I promise, even the iPhone doesn’t hold the amount of promise that Android does long term.


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