"a true generic brand" by shazam791 Do you, or does someone else? There is some growing interest in the Personal Branding space on scenarios of people with the same name. I was fortunate enough to have a great conversation on the topic with Kristen King of BizChicksRule which she turned into What if Your Name Is Jenna Jameson? Personal Branding and Owning Your Space.

Now I was trying to figure out how to write a post with a reference to a porn star, but Kristen was able to do so in a really professional way. For anyone looking for tips on dealing with people sharing Google juice with another person, you need to check out her post.

Bigger Picture

This also brings up the broader question of Personal Branding itself. As you work to establish your brand, even a unique name, are you using the tools that available to you?  There are many ways to promote your brand, but you need to act early and hit everything available.  If you’re starting out building your brand, you need to be aggressive in going after the online properties that will not only represent you, but protect you from interlopers.  Either intentional or not, you don’t want someone with the same name from encroaching on your brand.

Don’t Get Lost

As for the photo above, it shows two problems.

  1. There is very little on either can to make it obvious at a glance as to which is which.  You really have to pay attention to get what you were looking for.
  2. There is nothing interesting to draw in a potential customer or lead.  Blah!  If this was your brand, you’d get lost in the crowd.  Believe me, it’s getting crowded out there.

When building your brand, you not only need to own your space, but you need to capture that which makes you special and valuable.  Otherwise, who cares if you’re sliced beets or sliced potatoes?

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