So is it that “confusing” about what Palm is doing with Garnet?  Yes they sold the operating system by spinning off the OS development arm as PalmSource.  Yes they’ve now licensed it back from Access, the Japanese company that purchased PalmSource in its entirety.

It seems to me that while Palm OS 5 (Garnet) is several years behind Windows Mobile or Symbian, the basic OS in the feature department, it still has great usefulness as a smart phone OS.  The biggest thing is that the Treo platform with Palm OS 5 simply works, its tried & true.  It also has a huge following and a very easy to use GUI.

Since the OS has been used for many versions of the Treo, the continual refinement of the user interface is where the product improvements will keep the OS fresh.

Via: The Wireless Weblog – What is Palm doing now?

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