Wow… I had not thought much about this previously, and its an interesting concept. Shel Israel posted on this over on the Naked Conversations blog, and it got me thinking (again).

In the post Shel uses several prominent bloggers as examples, (Steve Rubel at Edelman, Robert Scoble at Microsoft) of how blogging has created their own personal brands. And how, through personal brands, the perception of the organizations they associate with are affected.

Scoble, Rubel and a rising number of employees have personal brands that shape global brands. The impact is noticeable now as blogging starts to penetrate large traditional companies. It will be immense in coming years.

He also points out that the concept of personal brands is nothing new. Presidents, sports figures, movie stars, musicians, explorers, etc… have all had personal brands.

Personal brand is not new. When Babe Ruth was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees back in 1918, many fans moved their loyalties from Boston to New York along with him.

The difference is that blogging gives everyone an equal footing in exchanging ideas. He says “… the blogosphere has enormously amplified the number and power of personal brands” and I agree, by providing a inexpensive worldwide inter-linking platform, blogging offers the ability to participate in any conversation. This

What this indicates to me is that each blogger has the opportunity to become what they want. That everyone has a personal brand, that every blogger can direct, shape, and nurture the perception of themselves and the organizations in which they participate.

Powerful stuff this blogging.

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