image I have to hand it to blogging friend and fellow SOBCon 2008 alumni Robert Hruzek of Middle Zone Musings.  His monthly What I Learned From… series morphed into a fantastic display of blogging talent from around the web in January of this year.

Robert opened his blog to anyone interested in sharing a list of their posts from their blogs.  Calling it BLOGAPALOOZA! – What I Learned From 2008, this blogging extravaganza has featured some of the best writing talent you can find on the ‘net.

You can find my post here – just posted today actually.  So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Robert for the chance to share some posts of mine from 2008, and be part of a great group blogging project that has accumulated well over 100 entries so far.

So Robert, here’s a “tip o’ the hat” to you for organizing BLOGAPALOOZA 2008.

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