Welcome to the culmination of my blogging efforts for the past year.  RickMahn.com is the place where I will talk about daily events in the technology space and blogosphere.  About work, a little about life, and sprinkled with a few rants on occasion.

The reason for starting a new blog is both simple and complex.  I’ve been using a number of blogging tools (Blogger, WordPress.com, MSN Spaces) with differing results.  I’ve come to the conclusion that Blogger.com currently was the most flexible, WordPress.com the most powerful, and MSN Spaces – well… oh my, look at the time.

So after a lot of research, learning new technologies, blogging, thinking, and figuring costs and such, I’ve set up shop here at www.rickmahn.com.  I’ll be here mostly every day posting on things that I find interesting, interacting in the blogosphere, commenting on others’ posts and so on.

So, come on back from time to time and check out what I’m doing – drop a line and let me know what’s good and what’s bad.  See ya round the ‘net!

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