Its a good question that, of course, I have no answer to having never really been a telecommuter.  However, I have an intense interest in becoming one. 😉

In my pursuit to become a better blogger, there is always a thought in the back of my mind about being able to do more remotely.  Becoming more focused on writing than on the “day job”.  It’s always a temptation to move in that direction.

Some of the comments on the post at Web Worker Daily relate to experiences of lack of office politics, or more involvement by managers simply because you’re “out of site” and its not obvious what you’re working on.  The aspect of lack of advancement to me is a non-starter as the farther up the ladder I move, the less interested in the ladder I become.

Personally I think that a person should find the right mix of work and life that is unique to them.  While that should be obvious, it is way to easy to fall into the “corporate ladder” mentality.  That is, once in that environment, it has the potential to become the most important aspect of your life.  That’s something I’m struggling with at this stage in my career – what is more important, the career or simply doing things that you enjoy (and still bring home the bacon).

Via: Web Worker DailyDoes Telecommuting Kill Your Career?

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