So Engadget Mobile is reporting that the HP iPaq hw6915 Windows Mobile based Pocket PC Phone is set to be launched on July 4th, 2006.

So what!?!

The device is way overdue, brings nothing new to the table, and is ridiculously overpriced.  It just shows that HP had long ago lost the edge on Pocket PC design.
Priced at $890 (US), this low-resolution thumb cramper is probably going to be an easy pass by most smartphone shoppers this summer.  Even with a processor upgrade over previous models and having WM5’s AKU2 incorporated in the device, there are more compelling designs available.

With smartphones like the Moto Q, Samsung’s SGH-i320, or the HTC Wizard based devices like the T-Mobile MDA or Cingular 8125, and their CDMA brother, the XV6700 available on both Sprint and Verizon.

You could compare the 6915 to the Palm Treo 700w in a number of ways, but even as a previous HP PPC owner, I’d throw down on the 700w.  Or even the Treo 700p which has a stunning 360×360 screen, though it is a Palm OS device.

Anyway, I think there are many, many better choices than this overpriced device.

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