bloggers-block If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been kinda quiet this week.  I had a good weekend last week, getting five posts written on Sunday alone, but for some reason this week has been a torture of neglect.

Every time I sit down with a thought to write about, it just doesn’t come out the way I want it to, or just evaporates into the ether.  It’s about as frustrating as it gets folks.  It’s not a motivation thing, I feel more motivated of late than I have in a long time.  I’m just not able to get my thoughts collected and focused on writing at the moment.

So, the next few days I’m going to be trying to find a way through my roadblock.  I’ll be referencing all the great ideas and suggestions that many bloggers have used to get through a dry phase.  Just in case you’re having a dry spell too, here are some links to tips & tricks to deal with bloggers block.

Do you have any other tips & tricks to suggest?  I’m all ears!

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