I really hate to pick on my favorite online service, but… I have to.  Twitter started having issues today with all the traffic from “Mac (obsession) World” today.  Supposedly over all the mcInterest in what mcRevelations of mystical mcGadgetry Steve mcJobs would reveal for the mcFollowers of the mcCult.

What get’s me curious is how Twitter handled the traffic from CES last week without nary a blip, and out of the blue, McWrld trips it up big time.

Perhaps I’m out of touch and there is more interest from McWrld and that drives higher volumes of traffic.  I dunno.

At any rate, Twitter has proven it’s worth to hundreds of thousands of users, but they still have reliability issues when traffic ramps up.  I’m on Twitter for the long haul, it’s a core component in my social networking toolkit, so I’m apt to be disappointed when traffic from a marginally relevant tech show drives it’s usability into the ground.

Ok, end of rant.

And yes, I feel mcBetter. 😀

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