wasting-time I’ve got to hand it to blogging friend Steven Hodson.  When he picks a meme, he picks an entertaining one.  Especially when I’ve been lamenting the amount of time I’ve wasted NOT blogging for various reasons! 😀

While Steven talks about entertainment and a little goofing off, I’ve found most of my lost time is from other areas.  So – how do I waste time?  Good question – here are my answers!

  1. Work  Yep, it seems that I like to use work as my biggest excuse for wasting good blogging time.  One more example of why I need to find a good GTD or time organization system.
  2. Twitter I hate to admit it, but my favorite social media tool is also one of my worst enemies.  I’m getting better at not watching Twitter closely, but it’s hard.  Does anyone have a Twitter Patch (low dose)?
  3. Perfectionist Unfortunately, I’m a big one for wanting something to be just right.  If I had $.05 for every post I started and tossed out simple because I couldn’t make it come together… well, I could finance my coffee addiction anyway.
  4. Blogger’s Block At least I’ve been using that as an excuse the last few weeks.  I did have a nasty bout of that back in October, but seem to have lots of ideas lately.  Just not enough time. 😉  Seriously, when writers block settles in, it’s not only difficult, but discouraging.
  5. Social Media  Ah, yes, our favorite topic these days.  It takes *a lot* effort to keep up.  Is it worth it?  That depends, I’ve gotten some value from my efforts, met dozens of great people, found literally hundreds of great blogs, and had a lot of fun.
  6. Family Time  This is a good excuse to have.  My family likes to spend time together, whether outside, or inside, we talk a lot and spend a lot of our home-time interacting.  Especially since Christmas… I’m getting Wii elbow from bowling! 🙂

Alright, who should I tag?  Well, my brother-in-law Dave Huston for starters, Twitter pal and fellow LifeCamper Thomas Knoll, Connie Bensen (another Twitter friend who probably has some good tips to get organized), Todd Jordan (another good Twitter bud), and, finally, an associate from a former employer Jerry Loss.

Photo credit: sugu

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