I suppose I should be upset by the current wave of tools & services like shyftr that aggregate blog content and also host commenting features for that content. In essence, these services could be accused (and are) of stealing content.

I guess the short of it for me is that I hope people read my feed, visit my blog and comment because I’m providing some piece of information that has value for them. Like many bloggers, I may have had ideas of being a professional blogger and deriving my living simply by blogging – I’ve long since dropped that assumption. I blog because I want to participate, or want to voice my opinions or ideas. If what I have to say is important, people will show up at my blog.

There are legal aspects to these arguments, but I’ll need to think about it a bit longer.

UPDATE: What I really think this trend means, is that its time to change.  When the playing field is altered, the players need to adapt.  As such, new perspectives on blogging and conversations need to be adopted.

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