This past Saturday (May 10th) I had a chance to facilitate an unconference session with Peter Fleck (@pfhyper on Twitter) at MinneBar on the University of Minnesota campus.  While Peter and I hadn’t planned it out long in advance, and we had technical difficulties at the beginning, namely to overhead equipment, it went pretty well.

The part I really enjoyed was the interaction.  Peter and I both wanted to start a group discussion, and that’s exactly what happened.  There were a lot of great questions from both experienced and new Twitter users, and many people shared their perspectives and ideas on using Twitter.  It reinforced the idea that Twitter is just at it’s earliest stages of uptake.

What I really want to do from Saturday is to thank everyone that stopped by and joined the conversation.  It was great to meet so many people here in the Minneapolis Web2 scene, and I look forward to talking more with you on Twitter and elsewhere.  Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions or ideas to talk about – you can find me on Twitter as @RickMahn.

Also, since I didn’t grab the names off the board in the room, I’d like to invite anyone who was there to share their Twitter name.  Just leave them in the comments and others from the session can find them and connect with you.  Any other questions or interest in social web tools that you’d be interested in talking about?  It might be worth putting something together if enough people are interested.

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