'Life is Tremendous' by Stewf There’s a perspective that we take in social media that has many qualities and discussions around it and I’ve been starting to use a name or label for it: the unsell.

The idea behind the unsell is that you really aren’t selling at all, but rather letting the product or service speak for itself.  Past the initial “hey, I’ve got this product/service, what do you think of it” pitch, the idea that quality sells itself is key.

Through organic word of mouth, the quality or potential of what you have is what sells it.  This is the classic unsell.

What we need to strive for today and in the future is that whatever we’re doing for our customers or employers speaks for itself.  If it needs a bunch of fancy charts and graphs to describe why it’ll save money, trim expenses or save the planet, then it really doesn’t cut it.

So I’d like to learn from you, because you’re the smartest folks I know, what are you ‘unselling’?  How have you applied ‘the unsell’ in your work?  What kinds of things are companies doing right in social media that they aren’t talking about?

Photo credit: Stewf

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