Here’s something that I don’t usually share here on the blog, and I hope some won’t take it the wrong way.  A few years ago I discovered the joy of a properly made martini.  That’s a true martini, not the 007 version, or those sickly sweet abominations (chocolate martini, wtf!?).

Real martini’s are made with gin – and good gin at that.  My personal fav happens to be Bombay Sapphire, a smooth gin if there ever was one.  Of course, after making one or two of these, a person starts thinking about a good dirty martini – one of the few good bastardizations of the best cocktail in the world.  Of course, I happen to have a personal favorite recipe for one, and I thought I’d share it here tonight.

Oh, I should note that I take the original approach to the drink – it is not a “dry” martini as I have found vermouth to truly be the keystone of the drink.  If you want straight booze – do shots, if you enjoy sophistocated tastes, put the right amount of vermouth in which really should be anywhere form 1/4 to 1/2 ounce.  Try it once, you’ll see what I mean. Oh – and if you absolutely have to use vodka, you can lean more towards 1/4oz as the vermouth would otherwise overpower the delicate flavor of the vodka (you use good vodka – right?).

My “dirty” Martini recipe.

First, place martini glass on ice or in the freezer – it really should be nicely chilled for any martini.

  • 2oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • 1/2oz. Dry Vermouth
  • 1/8oz or 1tsp Olive Brine
  • Small Pinch of Smoked Celtic Sea Salt  (Yes, it has to be smoked sea salt – bacon salt won’t do here, but might be worth investigating later
  • 3 Queen Olives

Shake (stir if you prefer, but this drink benefits from a cloudy rather than clear presentation) Gin, Vermouth, olive brine and half of the salt crystals with a small handful of ice. Place second half of salt crystals in bottom of chilled Martini glass, place olives in next, then pour mix over olives.


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