Ever wonder where your enthusiasm goes after you’ve had an ‘aha!’ moment?  You know, the moment when it all seems so clear.  The one moment where you find the path through all the clutter, the distractions, the inhibition, the self-conscience fears?

That is (right or wrongly) what I’ve been calling the Aha! moment for myself.  It’s happened more often this year than any other in my life, and it’s more frustrating then I can describe.  I’m sure you’re familiar with it.  I keep wondering how to leverage that moment, how to capture the thoughts.  Obviously it’s time to keep a journal at hand and jot these ideas down when they come along.

I guess the big question I have is what do you do with your Aha! moments after they’ve passed?  Do you try to work with the new thoughts, use them to improve yourself?  Do they lead you to follow your dreams?  Have you begun to question ‘why?’ a bit more because of them?

Obviously I’m asking more questions than I used to.  The real measurement is if I’m growing (improving) from what I’m learning about myself and my worldview.  That’s something I’ll find out later as I keep following the trail these Aha! moments reveal.

How about you – do you work to learn from your Aha! moments?

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