Microsoft Outlook 2007 I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one feature in Outlook that is holding me to it at the moment.  Can you help convince me that it’s time to drop Outlook?

See, I’ve been a longtime user and proponent of Microsoft software.  It’s actually really good software, and a decent value… for the enterprise.  For personal use, it’s long been questionable whether one needs such overblown feature laden software.

Also, Microsoft’s software is what I’d built my technical career on – and still rely on.  It solves business needs, and integrates together very nicely.  I’m not claming it’s the best-of-breed, or that it’s the most intuitive.  It’s simply been the best value proposition for most businesses when compared to other shipping options, personal opinions aside.

Anyway, want to know what that one feature is?  The ability to sync the contact list to a Windows Mobile phone.  In nearly a decade, it has simply worked time and time and time again.  It’s only failed me on one occasion, which was a user-instigated problem (I goofed up).  In all these years, my phonebook has always been up to date and consistently backed up with changes replicated back and forth with no effort or thought about it on my part.

Addiction by mr gonzales All my mail is online, I’ve moved my calendar to Google calendar, and all the rest – but the one thing left is that sync of my trusty T-Mobile MDA’s phonebook.  With the MDA at 2 years old, I’m soon to replace it too – and it’s likely not to be a Windows Mobile phone… so is it time?  Should my friends perform an intervention?  Can I do it?  Will I have get the shakes?  I’ll keep you posted. smile_wink

Addiction photo credit: Mr Gonzales

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