My blogging gloves that is. Its not that I’m going after anyone or anything in particular, but I’m going to be tackling more blogging content. I’m after expanding my writing and content creation skills in 2007 and I’ll be starting during the Christmas & New Years holiday break (I’m taking two weeks off of work).

Things to watch for in the coming weeks will be tweaks and improvements to my blog, with more opinion oriented comment on my favorite topics of blogging, technology, mobility, and leadership. The goal, quite frankly, is improving my marketability ending ultimately, in a career change sometime in 2007.

Frankly, the corporate technology environment that I’ve been working in has become way too stagnant, redundant, and predictable. I’m interested in finding more fast-moving, nimble solutions to the current problems that corporations are experiencing. This means more items along the line of “Enterprise 2.0” or enterprise solutions based off web-based, AJAX, centralized service-oriented software.

I’ve got to admit up front, that the company I work for (Michael Foods, Inc.) is a great place to work, really focusing on and supporting employees and their career development. This is one reason they have really smart, creative, go-getters working for them.

For me however, technology is no longer the end-all be-all thing it once was. Its still cool and fun to work with, but there are bigger challenges and more entertaining opportunities in other areas.

So that’s what I’m targeting in the coming weeks, a change from the casual blog that you’ve been reading to a more focused, more content-rich (dare I say professional) blog.  Have an opinion?  I’m interested in hearing it!

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