Asus Eee PC While it’s been out for awhile now, and I’ve read a quite a bit on it – only last night did it really hit me how useful this device may be.  The little device with an instant-on capability that can be had for as little as $300 is getting rave reviews by just about everyone.  Especially those that have been using one.

I’m thinking this is the perfect device to provide the grab-and-go needs that I have nearly daily.  My laptop is great, but it’s always set up and running either at home or work.  With a second device, I could simply grab it and head off to anywhere and still be able to take notes, read feeds, blog, write manuals, perform remote-control support as needed all in a 2 pound package.

Guess we’ll find out more about it this week.  While mentioning it to Amy, she pointed out how nice it’d be to have a smaller device for herself to be able to use around the house and such.  The interesting part was that after pointing out all the “deficiencies” in the device, like no storage space, slower processor, Linux instead of Windows, small screen resolution, etc… she was still really interested in the device.  We’ll be off later today to try a hands-on with one to see what she and our daughter think of them.

At any rate, using nLite, I’ve built a small Windows XP build (533MB installed)that may fit nicely even on the extremely storage challenged Eee PC 2GB Surf model.  Personally though, I’m interested in looking at getting Ubuntu loaded on it.

Anyone else have one, or thinking about getting one?  I’d love to know your thoughts on this super-inexpensive and uber- portable device.

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