Sometimes I spend time just generating ideas for blog posts, and they make it into this list or that notebook (though you couldn’t tell by my current lack of posts ;). While I can’t claim this idea is original, I do indeed want to share this list – I’ll probably not use them in the near term and it may be inspiration to someone to write a great post that I’d love to read.

So without further rambling, here is a list of 50 blog post ideas (kinda heavy on social media), for you to take and repurpose for your needs.

  1. Working your social media juju
  2. Training your ninjas
  3. How organizations can’t succeed with the social web
  4. How organizations can succeed with the social web
  5. Why don’t we "offshore" to middle America?
  6. Looking for the fast buck? Try looking for fast customer satisfaction instead.
  7. Don’t wait for your brand to succeed, make it succeed
  8. Internet Rock Stars and other fairy tales
  9. Like the A-List? It gets even better on the Z-List
  10. Don’t read the news, make the news
  11. Your time is now
  12. Success is defined by those wishing to achieve it
  13. Success doesn’t define you, you define success
  14. Social media is like good BBQ, mmmm
  15. Have a product? Build a community.
  16. Blog your way to a better job
  17. Yes, it’s easy to say…
  18. It isn’t about social media, it’s about being social
  19. Why social media isn’t about selling anything
  20. Building a better branded you
  21. Host an event – here’s how!
  22. Social Media Ninja – Tools of the Trade
  23. Wishing is good – doing is better
  24. Walk tall, blog proud
  25. Taking the work out of blog ideas – 100 topics for your blog
  26. Personal Brand: It is about you
  27. Corporations and Facebook: They do mix
  28. Getting Buy-In from the Mail Room: Why it’s important to include people who do real work
  29. Hosting an event? Check in with these folks.
  30. I’m not dead, I just don’t blog
  31. You’re Dad’s blogging – what do you do now?
  32. Things social medians could learn from an old-time community social
  33. Your Grandparents Were Social Media Gurus – Here’s Why
  34. Busy? Just press pause.
  35. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
  36. Are you a social giver or a media taker? Here’s how to find out.
  37. A bridge to nowhere – the promise of social media that was.
  38. Social Media’s Red Light District – Beware
  39. Following the white rabbit of social media
  40. Brand identification – why your picture is important
  41. When it rains in social media land, do you build an ark?
  42. Giving 100 ideas away
  43. But wait! There’s more!
  44. Things I wish I had known when I started blogging
  45. Things I wish I had known when I started social networking
  46. Corporate social media and other oddities
  47. Changing the focus of your blogs topic
  48. There’s a blog post in here somewhere
  49. Wishing isn’t as good as doing
  50. Social Media Success Stories from the Road

If you don’t mind, I’d love a link back to this post or my blog if you use one of the titles verbatim, if only so I can follow up and read yours.  Don’t sweat it if you don’t want to. Have fun!

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